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All About Karen

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland. At the age of twelve, while my peers were outside playing hide and go seek, I began to spend hours in my room drawing and painting. At the age of 16, I attended the Maryland Institute, College of Art and was awarded the Ferguson Merit Scholarship and graduated Magna Cum Lauda with a BFA in Art Education and Photography. After graduation, in 1976, I taught in the Baltimore City Public School system until 1979, when I left Baltimore and moved to San Francisco, where I continued teaching in public schools. In 1984, I continued my journey to Los Angeles, where I currently live. Since 1992, I've been the art specialist at Maimonides Academy in Los Angeles. When I'm not teaching, I work as a graphic artist creating paintings, computer graphics, greeting cards, murals, doing lyengar yoga, or taking hikes with my lovely Saschadog.
My Message
My art is inspired from my deep love of nature, animals, and children. Through a variety of media, I am able to bring this passion into the world for others to enjoy. My work is joyful, exploring my inner soul, yet a highly personal journey where I work through emotional experiences. When I feel emotional about a subject, I turn towards my art as a source of balance. I take my feelings into a concrete form which enables me to free the feeling and release it to the outside world.
Missions & goals
My main goal is to be able to communicate through different art mediums inner visions from my heart to yours.
As a child, it was easier for me to communicate my feelings through drawing, painting, photography, and poetry. While others were able to communicate through their words, I was better able to communicate my feelings by the use of art as the vehicle to express myself. My goal as an artist is to continue to express these reflections of the self.
I watch children freely express themselves. I too, will continue to express the inner experiences of my life using art as the tool and vehicle for this transformation.
My artwork is original and inspired by experiences with the world around me. Art has become a road to completeness. My work is full of joy and spontaneity. It helps me to express my deep feelings for beauty, life, and love. By creating art, I feel complete and learn more about my own abilities and feelings. Art is a conscious and unconscious journey. Through art, I feel life, I feel its pulse, its rhythm, its music, and its silence. Art creates prana (breath), balance, and peace.
Since the beginning of time, art has been the universal language. From the ancient artist who engraved symbols on rocks, to the arts to today, the unspoken words, the symbols, the colors, the forms, have drawn us together where no boundaries of worlds, no boundaries of color, no boundaries of race stand between us.
We are all brothers and sisters on this planet called Earth. Art connects us, art is our tool for peace on this planet. I am proud to be a part of this link, this eternal chain, this unspoken language.

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Karen Lee Fisher
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